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How to become a Club member?

Only an individual person can become a member of MaxPraga Club. To become one just fill in an application form upon your purchase. All your future purchases will then be reflected on your club member account, each getting you closer to the magic number that qualifies for a discount. Based on our current clients’ preference, we have introduced the option of enjoying membership without holding a club member card. Club members can use their name or registration number assigned to them upon registration for easy identification at the TWINSET store run by Elite mode s.r.o., telling it to the cashier. Please notify us by calling: +420 224 221 587 or e-mailing at: provided your personal data changes.

Keep shopping and collecting points

Upon each purchase at the TWINSET store run by Elite mode s.r.o. (Železná 22, Prague 1) tell the clerk at check out your name and the boutique team will make sure the adequate number of points are credited to your account. All your purchases at the TWINSET store run by Elite mode s.r.o. are credited to the same member account. Both the client´s account and the discount achieved are not transferable.

Enjoy the loyalty discount for at least one year

When the overall amount of points credited to your membership account reaches CZK 50,000, you have qualified for a 5 % discount first applicable to your next purchase and then valid for one calendar year. When a cumulative value equal to CZK 100,000 is reached within one calendar year, you have automatically qualified for a 10 % discount applicable to your next purchase and valid for one calendar year. The discount is carried forward only on condition that the given limit is reached again during the following year. In the event that the limits are not met, the discount is discontinued. To check the account status, please talk to our in-store staff. The club member discount applies to all products carried by the TWINSET store run by Elite mode full prices. No additional discount is provided for discounted products, but their purchase is credited to the club member account helping the club member qualify for the above described discounts.

Additional membership advantages

Besides receiving regular updates regarding the latest news, priority season discounts, invitations to special events and social gatherings organised by TWINSET store run by Elite mode s.r.o., you are also entitled to enjoy extended opening hours, free delivery of the purchased goods by a messenger, personalised tailoring service for clothes purchased in our stores, and many additional perks.

On the occasion of celebrating their birthday, all loyalty club members will receive a onetime CZK 1,000 voucher for any purchase they make on the day of their birthday or in the following 2 days in the TWINSET store run by Elite mode s.r.o. The voucher is sent via e-mail; its receipt is conditioned by a valid e-mail address on file.



Elite Mode s.r.o. store:


Železná 22, Prague 1, 110 00, Czech Republic,
tel.:+420 224 241 067, email:

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