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MaxPraga, established in 1997, emerged as the exclusive agent and franchising partner for the renowned Italian haute couture label, Max Mara. At present, the group operates across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, assuming roles as a master franchisee, agency, and distributor for numerous brands affiliated with the Max Mara Fashion Group,

Between 1999 and 2017 several Max Mara Fashion Group brands flagship stores were opened in the Czech capital, introducing monobrand boutiques of Weekend Max Mara, Marella and Marina Rinaldi.

In 2019 Max Mara monobrand boutique was opened in Bratislava.

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At MaxPraga, our mission is to bring the timeless elegance and contemporary trends of the Max Mara Fashion Group to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Over the years, our dedication to this mission has led to the acquisition of an extensive portfolio of brands, including Max Mara, Marella, Marina Rinaldi, and Weekend Max Mara, all esteemed members of the Max Mara Fashion Group.


We've also expanded our services to encompass management solutions for third-party stores, drawing upon our years of experience and expertise in the fashion industry.

MaxPraga Brands
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